Rosette Chain Stitch

To work on Rosette Chain Stitch, we need to know Twisted Chain Stitch. It has similarities with Oyster Stitch. This variation of Chain Stitch is generally done in straight or curved lines. The challenge I felt while doing this stitch was, if you draw the thread too much the small twisted chain stitches will loose […]

Open Chain Stitch

Open Chain Stitch is done in two lines. If space is left between the two lines, it gives a ladder like look. But, it can also be done without leaving any space in between. This will give this variation of chain stitch more congested look. Decorative stitches or decorative items like beads can be added within […]

Crested Chain Stitch

A beautiful stitch with the liberty of making changes to the height of the stitch. Yes, Crested Chain Stitch it is! Best used as  borders, this stich combines Chain Stitches and little knots on top of them. The distance between the chain stitches and knots can be changed to bring variation to the texture and look […]

Wheatear Stitch

The Wheatear Stitch is another variation of Chain Stitch. It incorporates chain stitches with little diagonal straight stitches. This resembles to wheat stalks when embroidered in straight or curved lines. Single Wheatear Stitches are known as Detached Wheatear Stitch. The Process 1. Pull out the threaded needle through A in the fabric. 2. Now, make two […]

Bull’s Head Stitch

Bull’s Head Stitch is also known as Tete De La Boeuf stitch. As the name suggests it looks similar to the head of the bull. A row of these stitches can create a beautiful border. I have combined Bull’s head stitch and zigzag cable chain stitch to create a beautiful border design for one of […]

Twisted Chain Stitch

The “twisted” variety of Chain Stitch. Each of these stitches look like small knots. It is started from the left of the previous stitch. The change in the starting point creates a twist in the leg of the stitches. Knowing the Chain Stitch is a must to learn the Twisted Chain Stitch. It looks beautiful in […]

Alternating Twisted Chain Stitch

Alternating Twisted Chain Stitch is another beautiful variation Chain Stitch. It’s basically a combination of several Twisted Chain Stitches. The difference between these two stitches is- every Twisted Chain Stitch starts from the same side. But Alternating Twisted Chain Stitches start from alternative sides. Which means if one stitch is done from the left then the […]

Zigzag Cable Chain Stitch

Zigzag Cable Chain Stitch is a decorative chain stitch. It looks good if it is done in two parallel lines. It is basically a cable chain stitch done in a zigzag pattern. Basic chain stitch and cable stitch are needed for creating this stitch. The pattern of Zigzag chain stitch needs to be followed for […]

Hardanger Embroidery Stitches

Learning common Hardanger Embroidery Stitches! Some of the Hardanger Embroidery Stitches include Running Stitch, Four Sided Stitch, Hem Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch, Squared Edging Stitch, Eyelet Hole Stitch, Star Stitch. Running Stitch: It’s the same as general running stitches. A combination of some small sized straight stitches. Four Sided Stitch: This is a simple square created […]

Hardanger Embroidery- the basics

The basics of staring  Hardanger embroidery includes doing Kloster blocks and cutting & withdrawing the threads. Let’s start! Kloster blocks This is the most common feature of Hardanger embroidery. Kloster blocks are created by parallel Satin Stitches worked in a rectangular manner. All the stitches should be of same length, so the blocks look of same […]