Portuguese stem stitch

Portugese stem stitch

This is a knotted stitch. It follows Stem Stitch technique with some loops. This stitch is a shape giver. It’s easy to embroider different shaped designs with this stitch. You can try it with any thread. After completion it has a very delicate look. It’s best to be used for embroidering outlines.

The Process:

1. To start Portuguese stem stitch, pull out the thread through the fabric.

2. Take the thread backward and poke in through another point parallel to the previous one.

3.  Bring out the needle through the middle of the new straight stitch. Make sure not to split the stitch.

4. Now, make a loop by encircling the Stem Stitch from left to right.

5. Encircle the stitch again and make another similar loop.

6. Continue this process to embroider any design using this beautiful Portuguese stem stitch. 

The Picture Guide:

Portugese stem stitch

Portugese stem stitch







Portugese stem stitchPortugese stem stitch







Portugese stem stitch

Portugese stem stitch
Portugese stem stitch













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